The quickest way to find books in the Drill Hall is to use the Library Catalogue. The Drill Hall Library catalogue contains all the books currently held in the Drill Hall Library. It also includes details of books held at other site libraries within the University of Greenwich. You can reserve any book which are loanable using your Kent One Card. The Library ID is at the bottom of your card. Just ask if you need help on using the catalogue or locating a book etc. You need to note that resources for Business will be shelved in different areas of the library. Please note that any e-books located on the Drill Hall catalogue are for the use of students from the University of Greenwich.

An alternative route to finding books in the Library is to use LibrarySearch Medway. LibrarySearch Medway will help you find journal articles, books etc and is a quick way to help you locate reading materials for your assignments. It also includes books from the Templeman Library which you can request to be transferred to the Drill Hall Library. If you find an item you want to request you need to click on Details and then Request Delivery to the Drill Hall Library.

Some useful classmarks

The Drill Hall Library uses a different arrangement of books than the Templeman Library at the Canterbury Campus. All books in the Drill Hall Library are identified by a decimal number. The table below highlights the main areas where books on your subject can be found.

Economics 330 Tourism 338.4791 Personal success in business 650.1
Accountancy 657 General management 658 Human Resources management 658.3
Executive management 658.4 Marketing 658.8 Advertising 659.1

University of Kent Electronic Books

The University of Kent provides access to many electronic books so it is always worth searching LibrarySearch Medway. to see if the book you require is available in this format. If you know the title of the book you can enter the details in the search box as you would do on the Drill Hall Catalogue. Additionally if you just want to browse what books are available as an e-book you can enter the subject e.g. business ethics. To locate electronic copies you will need to use the filters on the right hand side of the screen e.g. Books (Resource Type) and Full text Online (Show Only). This will narrow your search down making it easier to locate an e-book that might be useful.

Please note that any e-books which are required reading will be linked to the reading list on your Kent Moodle

New books

Our collection of books is updated on a regular basis.

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