Journals & E-Journals

Locating Journals

Use the library catalogue to search for printed journals held in the Drill Hall, these are shelved in the journals section [Event and Experience Design] and are arranged on the shelves alphabetically by title.

Printed journals in the Drill Hall include:

  • Access All Areas
  • Blueprint 2007 - 2009 only
  • Frame
  • New Theatre Quarterly
  • Performance Research
  • Total Theatre
  • Wallpaper


You can also use a range of electronic journals which can be access via LibrarySearch. - The core subject areas are architecture, interiors, fashion, travel, cars, beauty, technology, art and food and drink. In addition to informative features and beautiful photo galleries, has design-related news stories on each of its core subjects. Print copy availabe in the Journals section of the Drill Hall.

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