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The National Archives provides access to legislation on behalf of HM Government at


Using Newspapers

The following daily broadsheets are available to read in the library:

  • Financial Times
  • Guardian
  • Independent
  • Times
  • Times Educational Supplement (TES)
  • Times Higher Educational Supplement (THES)
  • Weekend Financial Times

The following local newspapers are available to read in the library:

  • Kent Messenger

Electronic newspaper services

The full range of electronic newspaper services can be found on the Newspapers and News Sources. These pages give information on provincial, national and international newspapers which are available online.


Nexis is an excellent source for online full text UK newspapers as well as other news sources worldwide.

UK coverage includes the following:

Times July 1985-
Telegraph November 2000-
Guardian 1984-
Observer 1992-
Independent September 1998-
Mail 1992-
Express October 1999-
Mirror June 1995-
Sun 2000-

UK Press Online

UK Press Online is a gateway to over a million pages of the 20th Century's biggest-selling newspapers, from 1900 to today, searchable by name, word or phrase.

UK coverage includes the following:

Daily Express 2000 - current
Daily Mirror 1904 - current
Daily Star 2000 - current
Daily Star Sunday 2002 - current
Sunday Express 2000 - current
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