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Searching for Books

The Drill Hall Library catalogue contains all the books currently held in the Drill Hall Library. Help and advice is available on using the catalogue. Books for Criminal Justice studies are located in several different areas of the library.

Table for illustration purposes only, please use the catalogue.

Criminal justice 345.05 Penology 364.6
Criminal psychology 364.3 Policing 363.2
Criminal law 345 Prisons 365
Criminology 364 Probation 364.63
Drug abuse 362.29 Social policy 361
Forensic psychology 614.1 Social psychology 302
Forensic science 363.25 Youth crime 364.36

Electronic Books

The University of Kent provides access to other electronic books via the Templeman Library catalogue.
On the Templeman Library catalogue enter the subject you are interested in and then on the results page refine your search by "collections: ebooks" to filter your results.

Further information is available from the E-Book and Subject Collections webpages.

New Books - Criminal Justice and Criminology

New books arrive all the time - a list of new books for 2016/7 is available here.

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