Journals & E-Journals

Searching for Journals

Use the Drill Hall Library catalogue to search for printed journals held in the Drill Hall. These are shelved in the journals section in the Group Zone (Green) which is arranged by subject. The following will be of interest to you:

Criminal Justice Studies

  • Crime, history and societies (Crime, Histoire & Societes) 2009-
  • Criminal justice and behaviour 2010-
  • Criminal justice matters: the magazine of the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies 2005-
  • Criminal justice policy review 2007-2010
  • DrugLink 2011-
  • International journal of police science management 2006-2010
  • International review of victimology 2008-
  • Journal of offender rehabilitation 2010-
  • Police journal 2006-2010
  • Theoretical criminology 2007-2010


  • Criminal Law review 1990-2010
  • Student Law review 2007-

Social Sciences

  • Psychologist 2003-

Electronic Journals

You can also use a range of electronic journals which can be accessed via the University of Kent - Templeman Library Online Journals webpage.

If you know the title you require then you can use the search box to locate the journal, e.g. British journal of criminology. However if you just want to browse the journals available you can use the browse journals by subject , select Social Sciences then click on the link to Criminology, Penology and Juvenile Deliquency.

Selection of e-journals shown below:

  • British journal of criminology
  • Crime and delinquency
  • Crime, law and social change
  • Criminal behaviour and mental health
  • Criminal justice matters
  • Criminal law forum
  • Criminology and criminal justice
  • Criminology and public policy
  • Current issues in criminal justice
  • European journal of crime, criminal law and criminal justice
  • European journal of criminology
  • Howard journal of criminal justice
  • International journal of punishment and sentencing
  • Journal of criminal justice
  • Journal of criminal law & criminology
  • Psychology, crime and law
  • Punishment and society

The University of Kent also subscribes to a range of E-journal Collections.
These services will allow you to search for keywords/phrases across a range of journals sometimes limited to one publisher or group.

Selection of E-Journal collections

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