Official Publications


The National Archives provides access to legislation on behalf of HM Government at

The Parliament website,, provides information about the work of MPs, House of Commons, House of Lords, committees etc.
This website will keep you informed of the progress of draft and current bills. The About Parliament webpages provides a number of useful guides e.g. Making Laws etc.

The BBC Website,, has a section on politics which includes a Guide to political language, a useful glossary of terms. Resources on this website provide news about Parliamentary business, devolved institutions and the European Parliament. It also covers historic events. You can explore key topics such as Home affairs and justice which includes crime, drug abuse etc.


There are several locations for finding relevant information:

Information about The Home Office is located on GOV.UK. You will be able to locate details of publications, including statistics, from this site.

The UK National Statistics has a section on crime and justice.


The Crown Prosecution Service provides information about their work in the publications section.

The GOV.UK website has a section on crime and justice.

Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC)

The Judiciary of England and Wales has a section on publications and reports.

The Ministry of Justice

The Parliament website

The Supreme Court has information about current and decided cases.


A new website was launched in January 2011 which allows you to access data on crime in your area by using postcode or address to search for information.

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