Subject Gateways

Gateways give structured access to sites which are connected by type or subject area and can significantly reduce your time searching the internet. They are usually assessed for academic validity so are a useful starting point for your research. Gateways usually contain links to other library catalogues, pages and links to relevant associations and societies, mailing lists and sites containing raw data or substantive material.

Educational Evidence Portal: Research Resource Pathfinder This reference database is a free online resource for students, researchers, teachers and others involved in all aspects of international education research.

Higher Education Empirical Research Database - HEER This database is an archive of summaries of published research on a range of topics related to higher education, stretching back over 10 years. It is intended for use by policy-makers, academics and researchers in higher education. The free to register database is fully searchable by theme, publisher and date.

International Education Research Database - Use this resource to locate evidence about any sector or level of education. The diagram maps over 30 websites according to sector and kind of resource. Click on any name to show details and a link through to the site.

Online tutorials for internet skills

Internet for Education - Internet for Education is a free online tutorial to help university students develop their Internet research skills.

Internet Detective - a free online tutorial that looks at the critical thinking required when using the Internet for research and offers practical advice on evaluating the quality of web sites.

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