Health Care: Books

Books for Health/Medicine subjects

New books

New books arrive throughout the year. The following online lists get updated each time a new title arrives for the relevant subject, so take a look at any which interest you to get hold of the newest library books :


The books needed for programmes taught at Medway should be available in the Drill Hall Library. However, you may occasionally need to reserve resources from Avery Hill or Maritime Greenwich (University of Greenwich libraries) via the Library Catalogue or submit an inter-library loan request form for resources held at Canterbury Christ Church University or University of Kent. See the information on borrowing from other sites on the Drill Hall website for further details.

The Drill Hall Library catalogue contains all the books currently held in the Drill Hall Library. When you have found a book you want, take a note of the number given as location/shelfmark (this number will be on the spine of the book) to help you pinpoint it on the shelves. These numbers are part of the Dewey Decimal system. If you find this confusing, please consult our pdf guide to finding books using the Dewey Decimal system. Most health and medicine books will be found between numbers 610 and 619, though you may also need items at other numbers such as 174.2 (ethics), 808 (writing skills), 361-362 (social policy, public health etc.) or 344.041 (legal aspects).

Electronic books

e-books or electronic books are just like the books on the shelves, but accessible on-line using your university account (accessible from home or placement as well as on campus). All 3 universities have collections of e-books, and in all cases some can be downloaded to a device for a limited period of time (not Kindles!), and others can be read online. We make an effort to have as many of your recommended readings available in electronic format as possible.

Accessing e-books:

  • University of Greenwich - sign in to the Portal, choose the Library and Computing tab and click on Databases, journals and e-books. Most of the e-books will be found on MyiLibrary or Dawsonera.
  • University of Kent - e-books are available through University of Kent LibrarySearch (NOT the Drill Hall catalogue) - search for a book or a topic, then click Books and ** Online resource** in the right-hand column to narrow the search down to e-books. Click View online to see options for accessing the book.
  • Canterbury Christ Church University - sign in to CCCU LibrarySearch (so that your name appears near the top) and search for a book or topic. To narrow down to e-books, select both Books and Full Text Online from the options in the left-hand column. To read an e-book click View Online. Note - unless you sign in, this will not work.

Renewing books

Books borrowed from the Drill Hall Library should be renewed through the Drill Hall Library catalogue. See the video below for details if you're not sure.

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