Electronic resources from CCCU

E-resources for Canterbury Christ Church University students

The University subscribes to many electronic resources to support your studies. These include electronic books and journals and also a number of databases which help you discover key evidence such as journal articles, systematic reviews and clinical trials. Access to these is through LibrarySearch - it is very important to make sure you are logged in to this first, before trying to access any online journals - use the Sign in link at the top right corner of the LibrarySearch page.


Canterbury Christ Church University e-books are best accessed via LibrarySearch. Sign in, search and choose Books and Full Text Online from the list of options on the left-hand side. Many books from reading lists are available through this service. They can be downloaded for 1-2 days or read online. If you need more information on e-books see the guide on the LibrarySearch guides page.


To find out which journals are subscribed to electronically by CCCU, log in to LibrarySearch and select 'Find e-journal' (near the top-left of the screen). This accesses a searchable A-Z listing of all the electronic journals that the University has access to.

You can also use LibrarySearch to find articles on a topic. Simply search for what you want to find and click "View online" to discover how to access the articles you want to read. Please make sure you are signed in first (otherwise you won't be able to access anything!). Some journals can be tricky to access from off-campus - there is a guide on how to rectify this issue available from the LibrarySearch guides page.

See also the journals page on this subject guide for details of good quality journals which are available at no cost on the internet.


Databases are collections of useful information. This might be journal articles, maps, videos, sounds, case histories, references, abstracts or almost anything else you can think of. Most databases are constantly updated with new information, and are often a great way of keeping up-to-date and discovering the newest research for your subject area. Key databases for health care available through CCCU LibrarySearch include:

  • ASSIA - a social sciences database, this is useful for finding information on topics such as public health and health promotion.
  • British Nursing Index - this is useful for midwives and ODPs as well as nurses.
  • CINAHL - one of the most important databases for nursing and allied health, covering most Health and Social Care subjects.
  • Cochrane Library - you can access systematic reviews and details of clinical trials through the Cochrane Library.
  • Internurse - a collection of 18 useful journals for nurses, including the British Journal of Nursing. Other journals include titles for school nursing, healthcare assistants, child nursing and mental health nursing.
  • JISC Mediahub - this database contains sounds, images and film clips, including lots of relevant media from the Wellcome Collection.
  • Maternity and Infant Care - a key database for midwifery and neonatal care.
  • Medline - one of the biggest medical databases in the world.
  • PsycInfo and PsycArticles - useful databases for psychology and mental health topics. PsycArticles contains the full text of many journals published by the American Psychological Association.
  • ScienceDirect - technically a big collection of journals rather than a database, ScienceDirect can be very useful indeed for many medical and health subjects.
  • Social Policy and Practice - a database of evidence-based social science research which can be useful for topics including public health, homelessness and community care.
  • SportDiscus - useful for topics relating to exercise and fitness, rehabilitation from sports injuries and also orthopaedics.

To access these databases, click Find Databases in the top-left corner of LibrarySearch (make sure you're signed in first!). Search for them, or click the appropriate section of the alphabetical list.

Most students will get an introduction to using LibrarySearch and databases near the beginning of their course, and help is available if you want to refresh your skills or miss your introduction. There are also database guides to many of the resources available.

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