Electronic resources from the University of Greenwich

E-resources for University of Greenwich students

The University subscribes to many electronic resources to support your studies. These include electronic books and journals and also a number of databases which help you discover key evidence such as journal articles, systematic reviews and clinical trials. To access all of these resources you need to be logged in to the University of Greenwich Portal. From here, choose the Library and Computing tab.


University of Greenwich e-books can be accessed via the Portal. Most of the e-books for health and social care subjects can be found through the MyiLibrary service - this can be found by clicking on the Library & Computing tab in the portal, then selecting 'Databases, journals and e-books', which brings up an alphabetical list of services. You will also find some books of interest on the DawsonEra service. Many of the e-books can be downloaded for a brief time, but it is just as easy to read them online.


Databases are collections of useful information. This might be journal articles, maps, videos, sounds, case histories, references, abstracts or almost anything else you can think of. Most databases are constantly updated with new information, and are often a great way of keeping up-to-date and discovering the newest research for your subject area. Key databases available through the University Portal include :

  • CINAHL - this database covers nursing and allied health, and includes a lot of full text articles. There is a limit to the number of people who can use it simultaneously, so if it doesn't let you in, just wait for a while and try again
  • Cochrane Library - a database of systematic reviews and other key information to support evidence-based practice
  • Medline - one of the biggest biomedical databases in the world, particularly useful if your topic is more 'medical' in its nature
  • PsycInfo - an excellent database for psychology and mental health topics
  • ScienceDirect - a large collection of scientific journals, including many useful titles in medicine and health sciences

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