Health Care: Journals

What are journals?

Journals, also known as periodicals or serials, are published regularly - weekly, monthly, or several times each year. They contain up-to-date information on specialised subject areas, and often include articles on recent research. We have access to them in print format, on the shelves in the Drill Hall and also in electronic versions. The electronic versions contain the same information, but are accessible from anywhere via an internet connection.

Journals in the Drill Hall Library

You can find out more details about the journals on the shelves by looking them up on the Drill Hall Library catalogue. The key journals for Health students are grouped together under the heading of Health. They tend to journals which we cannot get in electronic format, largely covering midwifery, dental care and the operating department. All students may find the Health Service Journal useful - this includes many useful adverts, reviews and news items alongside its articles.

You may also find selected journals from other subjects useful, particularly titles in the Social Sciences (e.g. Journal of Mixed Methods Research), Social Work (e.g. Ageing in Mental Health, Health and Social Care in the Community or Journal of Integrated Care) and Sport (e.g. Bone and Joint Journal or British Journal of Sports Medicine) sections.

Electronic journals

Each of the 3 universities has access to many more journals electronically than we have on the shelves. Access to electronic journals at the Medway Campus is provided by the online library services of the institutions - you can access all the journals provided by the institution(s) you belong to. The following instructions cover how to access specific journals (e.g. British Medical Journal or Journal of Advanced Nursing:

  • University of Greenwich - log in to the Portal, choose the Library and Computing tab and enter LibrarySearch. From here, click on A-Z eJournals & eBooks to access a searchable list of the University's journals.
  • University of Kent - go to the Kent library homepage and click on Search for journals to find out whether the University has a subscription to the journal you need. You can also search for journal titles through LibrarySearch.
  • Canterbury Christ Church University - go to LibrarySearch (don't forget to Sign in!) and click on Find e-journals to access a searchable list of all the journals you can access.

Free on-line journals

Some publishers make certain journals available on-line at no cost. Most of these are quality peer-reviewed journals and are very much worth investigating. Some examples include :

  • Biomed Central - publisher of over 240 peer-reviewed Open Access journals in medicine and related disciplines, including emergency medicine, medical imaging, public health and surgery
  • BMJ Open - an online-only, open-access journal for medical research across many disciplines
  • Electronic journal collections - a list maintained by the British Library, detailing free online journals
  • Free Medical Journals - a frequently updated guide to medical journals which are accessible freely online
  • Highwire at Stanford University - a useful way to search lots of freely-accessible journals for health, medicine and related sciences [N.B. - not everything found via this site is free, but it does clearly mark which ones are free and which ones require payment]
  • Public Library of Science, or PLOS, publish several well-regarded Open Access journals, including PLOS Medicine

Journals from professional bodies

Some journals are only available to members of particular professional bodies (we cannot purchase of subscribe to them). Examples:

  • British Paramedic Journal - available to members of the College of Paramedics
  • Synergy News - available to members of the Society of Radiography

It is worth joining these professional bodies for many reasons - these journals are an added bonus!

Accessing specific journal articles

Sometimes you will be asked to read specific articles, or you may come across a reference to an article you'd like to read. You can use LibrarySearch to find out whether we have access to a specific article and to download it. Instructional videos for each of the three Universities at Medway below.

Canterbury Christ Church University

University of Greenwich

University of Kent

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