Health Care: Websites

Using the web for health and medicine subjects

The internet can be one of the most valuable tools in your quest for information during your time at university. However, with so much information out there, it can be very hard to find the best information, or to know that you've found it when you've got it! Two documents that might help are my guide to some questions to ask about web pages and my top tips for finding information (both are PDF files).

Recommended websites


  • Health On the Net - an independent, international site including many useful links to health resources
  • NHS Evidence - a service which searches NHS resources and many other high-quality information sources, such as NICE, the National Electronic Library for Medicines, the British Medical Association and most major health and medicine professional bodies
  • SearchMedica - a British search engine designed for people in the medical professions
  • Understanding Health Research - an excellent tool created by academics in conjunction with the Medical Research Council

Statistics and other useful information

Clinical Trials and Grey Literature

Sites for information about upcoming, ongoing and completed clinical trials include:

Sites for "grey" literature, including theses, conference proceedings and more:

  • CORE - COnnecting Repositories - a useful way to search the content of many university repositories, as well as Pubmed Central and other large collections of freely-accessible journal articles, conference proceedings and theses - NB, this site works much, much better using Firefox than using Internet Explorer!
  • Department of Health publications - for UK government publications
  • EThOS - a service run by the British Library offering access to many theses from UK universities
  • OpenGrey - provides information about many forms of grey literature from across the EU, often including information about where it can be obtained from


Many official organisations have a web presence which is worth investigating. The list of organisations is so long that I've created a page just to list these sites : Health and Social Care organisation websites.

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