Press Releases and Government sites

HM Government Data
- Freely available Government Data site giving access to a wealth of data covering topics such as education, health, crime & environment.

House of Commons Parliamentary Papers
- The University of Kent has access to the following collections: 18th century (1688-1834), 19th century (1801-1900) & 20th century (1901-2003/04 session)

Number 10
- The official site of the Prime Minister's Office.

Today in the Commons (links to Official Hansard Report)
- Provides the report of today's proceedings in the Commons Chamber, Westminster Hall, Written Ministerial Statements, Public Bill and General Committe Debates and Today in the Lords. The Hansard Official Report is an edited record of what was said in Parliament. It also includes votes and written answers to parliamentary questions. The report is published daily covering the preceding day, and is followed by weekly and final versions.

White House Press Briefing Room
- The White House Press Office site.

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