Useful Websites

There are many websites which you will find useful for your studies.
I have listed some of the most popular ones below.
Please let me know if there are other websites which you feel others may wish to know about and I will include them on this page.

Numerical Methods for Bioscience Students - an excellent website to help students get to grips with numerical skills, biostatiistics, graphs & charts, functions & models.

  • General Chemistry Resources

Royal Society of Chemistry - a major resource for chemistry with plenty of free information amongst the wide range of topics.
Plus the following free online journals -

  • Metallomics
  • Analytical Methods
  • Chemical Science (coming 2010)
  • MedChemComm (coming 2010)
  • Polymer Chemistry (coming 2010)

Chemdex - a gateway for chemistry information since 1993. Provided by the University of Sheffield.


ChemWeb - a chemistry portal which also gives free access to over 500 relevant journals.

Links for Chemists - a comprehensive gateway to a wide range of chemistry resources. Provided by Liverpool University.


Scirus - an impressive search engine for a huge number of scientific web pages.

  • Chemical Structure Searching

Chemical Database Service - databases of crystal sturctures, spectroscopy, reactions etc. You must register through a University. MSOP Head of School will sign the form for you.


Chemical Entitites of Biological Interest (ChEBI) - a free dictionary of chemical entities with a focus on "small" chemical compounds.


Chemspider - a free source for structure-based chemical information.


Web Reactions - a database for literature precedents for a reaction query. Literature is referenced from 1975-1991.

  • Other Specialist Chemistry Resources

Solvents Database - a free and simple to use database of solvent data.

Sigma-Aldrich - information on commercially available compounds (structure, properties, safety data etc).


Cambridge Crytallographic Data Centre (CCDC) - some free services on this website relating to aspects of crystallography.


RCSB Protein Data Bank - an archive of journal resources about protein and nucleic acid structures.

  • Chemical Drawing Packages

These chemical drawing packages are available in the Drill Hall Library. Log in using your Kent id/password. Find the packages listed under Programs using the Start button.




ACD Chemsketch - you can also download this from their website for free.


MDL Isis Draw - you can also download this from their website for free, simply register first.

  • Clinical & Professional Practice

Association of Police Controlled Drugs Liaison Officers - press releases, documentation on the National Drugs Strategy etc.


Clinical Knowledge Summaries - evidence based information on common conditions managed in primary healthcare.


Department of Health - a large website giving access to health related advice, documents, white papers, leaflets etc.


Drugscope - independent drugs information website which includes the DrugData search site of over 100,000 articles.


European Medicines Agency (EMEA) - website with information on the evaluation and supervision of medicines.


Home Office Drugs Strategy - a site for professionals giving the latest news and guidance from the Goverment on its drug strategy.


Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) - an agency of the Department of Health responsible for making sure that medicines and equipemnt are safe to use.


NPCI - information on prescribing, therapeutics and medicines management.


NHS Business Services Authority - business solutions for the Department of Health.


NHS Primary Care Commissioning - advice and best practice for commissioning, contracting & communications in the health sector.


National Office for Animal Health (NOAH) - website devoted to aspects of the UK animals medicines industry.


NICE - an independant organisation responsible for providing national guidance on promoting good health.

Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC) - a site representing the interests of pharmacy owners in England & Wales.


Veterinary Medicines Directorate - part of DEFRA this body is responsible for the safe and effective use of veterinary medicinal products.

Public General Acts


Office of Public Sector Information (OPSI) a good source site for UK official publications.

Data Protection Act 1998

Disability Discrimination Act 1995

Environmental Protection Act 1990

Health & Safety At Work Act 1974

Poisons Act 1972

The Shipman Inquiry

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