Popular Music

All Music - The All Music editorial staff, along with hundreds of expert contributors, has made All Music one of the most comprehensive music reference sources available.

BBC Archive: Music From the Mersey - The story of pop music in Liverpool.

Billboard - Billboard.com features an extensive array of searchable, playable charts, breaking music news, artist interviews and exclusives, news, video and more. Launched in 1995 as Billboard Online, Billboard.com now attracts more than 4 million unique visitors each month in more than 100 countries and has become the de facto digital destination for popular music.

Generator - Generator is a Music Development Agency based in Newcastle. Generator is recognised as the leading popular music development agency in the UK providing the framework of support for current and emerging talent.

International Association for the Study of Popular Music - IASPM is an international organization established to promote inquiry, scholarship and analysis in the area of popular music. Founded in 1981, IASPM has grown into an international network of more that 700 members world-wide. On national and international levels, the organization's activities include conferences, publications, and research projects designed to advance an understanding of popular music and the processes involved in its production and consumption.

International Federation of the Phonographic Industry - IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) represents the recording industry worldwide with some 1400 members in 66 countries and affiliated industry associations in 45 countries.

Music Tank - a non profit business development network for the UK music industry - to engage with industry, innovation and change across the music business.

NME - NME Magazine, the guide to the week in music and the UK's longest-running music weekly.

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