All the books needed for your studies should be available in the Drill Hall Library. However, you may sometimes need to get resources from elsewhere. You can reserve books from Avery Hill or Maritime Greenwich (University of Greenwich libraries) via the Library Catalogue. You can also submit an inter-library loan request form for resources held at the University of Kent's Canterbury campus. See the information on borrowing from other sites on the Drill Hall website for further details.

The Drill Hall Library catalogue contains information about all the books currently held in the Drill Hall Library. When you have found a book you want, take a note of the number given as location/shelfmark. This will help you pinpoint it on the shelves (this number will also be on the spine of the book). These numbers are part of the Dewey Decimal system. Most books relating to pharmacy are in the health and medicine section between numbers 610 and 619, particularly 615. You may also need items at other numbers such as 540 (chemistry), 570 (biology), 174.2 (ethics), 808 (writing skills) or 344 (legal aspects).

If you're not sure about finding books in the Drill Hall, this video may help:

Electronic Books

We have a large collection of electronic books and most of these can be found via the Greenwich Portal. To access them, log in to the Greenwich portal and select the Library and Computing tab. From here, click on "Databases, journals and e-books" then select MyiLibrary or Dawsonera from the A-Z list. Both of these sites contain hundreds of e-books on many topics.

The University of Kent also has many relevant e-books. You can find these on University of Kent LibrarySearch (see, for instance, the 2015 edition of Meyler's side-effects of drugs.

These are handy because you can access them from home or placement as well as on campus. Most can also be accessed by several people at the same time. It is also impossible to bring these back late, so you can't get any fines for late return of e-books!

New books

New books come in to stock throughout the year. I keep a rolling list of the most recent books for Pharmacy, which I update whenever new books arrive.

Renewing books

Books borrowed from the Drill Hall Library should be renewed through the Drill Hall Library catalogue. See the video below for details if you're not sure.

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