Project Help

Project Help

At some time during your studies you will be asked to produce a more detailed piece of work such as -

  • Project Protocol
  • Final Project Report
  • Poster

Your School will give you some guidance on this but the Library can also help

Research Methodology

You will find a good collection of books on the Drill Hall Library Shelves at 001.42

I have illustrated some of the better ones below

Finding Information

Before you launch into any research project it is always advisable to investigate the available literature to see if there is sufficient material to support your work.

A list of relevant online databases is given under the Databases & e-Resources section of this guide

The important step is to plan your search strategy before you interrogate the databases. The video below will give you some advice on how to do this. Alternatively book up for a training session (see Training)

Managing Your References

Make sure that when you record or download references from a database or any other source that you keep them organised.

This will really help you when you come to the writing up stage for your project.

The Endnote Web software package can help you. It is located on the Web of Knowledge database - access is via the usual portal route.


click on the link for a user guide or alternatively look under the Training section of this guide for details of basic training sessions on this product.

Questionnaire Design

Many projects and particularly those in Pharmacy Practice involve the preparation and design of a questionnaire.

This book can help - Berdie, D.R. Questionnaires: Design & Use. Scarecrow Press. Shelved at 001.433 BER


Survey Monkey allows you to create online surveys with lots of tips and advice.

Bristol Online Surveys - a more sophisticated survey site which is not free but this link gives good advice on survey design.

Writing Skills

We do not formally teach writing skills within the Drill Hall Library but we can offer some advice.

There are many excellent books on our shelves at 808 and I have listed some of the better ones below.

Avoiding Plagiarism

Your School may offer advice and training on how to avoid plagiarism.

Here is some advice from the University of Greenwich Plagiarism pages.

This book is very good too. Shelved at 808.066



All pieces of work must be correctly referenced and we use the Harvard style.
This can be quite confusing but the following booklet is a great help - in fact it is well worth purchasing. Shelved at 808.066


Designing A Poster

The Poster Guidelines Page on the Drill Hall Webpages will help you design a good poster.
There are templates listed for all poster sizes.
If you need any further advice then ask a member of the IT Team

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