Useful Websites

There are many websites which you will find useful for your studies. I have listed some of the most popular ones below. Just click on the link or logo to access the website. Please let me know if there are other websites which you feel others may wish to know about and I will include them on this page.

Key Organisations

Royal Pharmaceutical Society

British Pharmaceutical Students’ Association

Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency

General Chemistry Resources

Royal Society of Chemistry - a major resource for chemistry with plenty of free information amongst the wide range of topics.

Chemdex - a gateway for chemistry information since 1993. Provided by the University of Sheffield.

ChemWeb - a chemistry portal which also gives free access to over 500 relevant journals.

Chemical Structure Searching

Chemical Database Service - databases of crystal sturctures, spectroscopy, reactions etc. You must register through a University. MSOP Head of School will sign the form for you.

Chemical Entitites of Biological Interest (ChEBI) - a free dictionary of chemical entities with a focus on "small" chemical compounds.

Chemspider - a free source for structure-based chemical information.

Web Reactions - a database for literature precedents for a reaction query. Literature is referenced from 1975-1991.

Other Specialist Chemistry Resources

Solvents Database - a free and simple to use database of solvent data.

Sigma-Aldrich - information on commercially available compounds (structure, properties, safety data etc).

Cambridge Crytallographic Data Centre (CCDC) - some free services on this website relating to aspects of crystallography.

RCSB Protein Data Bank - an archive of journal resources about protein and nucleic acid structures.

Clinical & Professional Practice

Association of Police Controlled Drugs Liaison Officers - press releases, documentation on the National Drugs Strategy etc.

Clinical Knowledge Summaries - evidence based information on common conditions managed in primary healthcare from NICE.

Department of Health - a large website giving access to health related documents, white papers, leaflets etc.

Drugscope - independent drugs information website which includes the DrugData search site of over 100,000 articles. Organisation officially ceased in Spring 2015, but the website has been kept active.

European Medicines Agency (EMEA) - website with information on the evaluation and supervision of medicines.

Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) - an agency of the Department of Health responsible for making sure that medicines and equipment are safe to use.

NHS Business Services Authority - business solutions for the NHS and Department of Health.

Primary Care Commissioning - independent advice and best practice for commissioning, contracting & communications in the health sector.

National Office for Animal Health (NOAH) - website devoted to aspects of the UK animals medicines industry.

NICE - the independent organisation responsible for providing national guidance on promoting good health.

Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC) - a site representing the interests of pharmacy owners in England & Wales.

Professional Resources for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians - a useful range of links and resources. Covers many countries, so make sure you check that any resources you use from this site are relevant to UK practice!

Veterinary Medicines Directorate - part of DeFRA, this body is responsible for the safe and effective use of veterinary medicinal products.

World Health Organization - WHO Drug Information including the lists of International Non-Proprietary Names

Public General Acts

Legislation UK - your best source for UK official publications such as acts of parliament.

Other Libraries

You may visit these libraries but check their website first to review your entitlements. Always take your university ID card along with you

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