Finding articles for Professional Practice

The first port of call for finding journal articles will be LibrarySearch - this will allow you to search for many of the University's journal articles at once, as well as e-books and other resources. It is a good midea to be fairly specific with the words you use to search with, otherwise you may find many thousands of articles.

For more in-depth searching, you should consult subject-specific databases. You may find it useful to consult my top tips for finding information page (PDF document) when searching databases.

The University of Kent subscribes to a range of databases which are intended to support students in their learning and research. A full list of online resources can be found through the University of Kent Library website. To access them from there, simply click on the name of the database and enter your Kent computing username and password. Due to the nature of the course, almost any database could potentially be useful for someone at some point, but some of the most useful ones are listed below, grouped into broad categories :

  • General - an excellent starting point for most assignments is Academic Search Complete, which covers all subject areas, though not in very great depth. It includes the full text of quite a number of journal articles. Another database which is helpful across a broad range of practice areas is International Bibliography of the Social Sciences, which covers areas such as economics and sociology. Particularly useful with reference to how your profession relates to society at large.
  • Business and Management - Business Source Complete covers management and related subjects, and includes over 8,000 journal titles in full text format for immediate download. Emerald Insight and General Businesas File are also both well worth investigating, as they each contain the full text of hundred of journals in various business areas.
  • Education - the University subscribes to three particularly useful databases, all of which cover all levels of education from primary school to university (and beyond). These are British Education Index, ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center) and Education Abstracts. ERIC is the most international in scope - it is definitely worth searching all three. For those working in Higher Education, the QAA has a useful online database you could try searching - Higher Education Empirical Research Database.
  • Government - UK Official Publications is an invaluable resource, which covers official publications from 1980 to the present. European Sources Online is a similar resource for the European Union. For information about politics and government in general, try International Political Science Abstracts.
  • News - Nexis offers access to full-text newspapers most of the major UK broadsheets and tabloids as well as selected overseas publications. For more detail on news sources available to search, see the Newspapers and news sources page on the Kent website.
  • Psychology - PsycINFOcovers psychology and behavioural sciences (much research in interpersonal interactions comes under the psychology umbrella), which can offer useful perspectives on most assignments. For full-text articles, try PsycArticles, which includes journals published by the American Psychological Association and related organisations.

See also the reference resources list for online dictionaries, encyclopedias, phonebooks and more.

Accessing specific articles

As well as using LibrarySearch to search for articles on a topic, you can also search for specific articles (for example, if you come across a reference to an article which looks interesting). See the video below for how to look up specific articles on LibrarySearch:

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