Journals for Professional Practice

Journals, also known as periodicals or serials, are published regularly - weekly, monthly, or several times each year. They contain up-to-date information on specialised subject areas, and often include articles on the most recent research that has been carried out. We have access to them in print format (on the shelves in the Drill Hall) and also in electronic versions. The electronic versions contain the same information, but can be accessed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Journals in the Drill Hall Library

You can find out more details about the journals on the shelves by looking them up on the Drill Hall Library catalogue. Our journals are in Block 13 (in the Group Study Zone), and are grouped loosely by subject. Professional Practice students may find journals of use in several different sections, depending on their own professional background - for example, we have sections for Business, Education, Health, Journalism, Social Science, Social Work and Tourism. Most titles are also available on-line, but two which are not on-line and may be of particular use to some students are Children and Young People Now and Higher Education, Skills & Work-based Learning (both in the Education section) and Voluntary Sector Review (in the Social Sciences section).

Electronic journals

An electronic journal which has been suggested by Professional Practice academics is Work Based Learning e-Journal International (published by Middlesex University) - this is freely available online.

For other journal titles, the University of Kent webpages include a searchable list of journals subscribed to. You can also browse the list of journals by subject. The list includes journals which are freely available on-line as well as the ones specifically subscribed to by the University. You may be interested in journals such as :

  • Action Learning
  • European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology
  • Gender, Work and Organization
  • Higher Education, Skills and Work-Based Learning - this journal is particularly recommended by the Professional Practice staff
  • Journal of Workplace Learning
  • Learning Organization
  • Reflections

in addition to the journals which relate to your own profession. As your course progresses, you will encounter a wide range of professional and academic journals.

Additionally you can search for journals and journal articles via the databases.

Free journals

Some publishers make certain journals available on-line at no cost. Some of these are quality peer-reviewed journals and are very much worth investigating. Some examples include :

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