Books etc in the Drill Hall (SLT)

We may have more in the library than you'd expect! Not just books, but journals, DVDs and other forms of information as well.


Finding books - the catalogue

The Drill Hall Library catalogue contains all the books currently held in the Drill Hall Library. When you have found the book you need or want, take a note of the location/shelfmark (the number which will be on the spine of the book) to help you pinpoint it on the shelves.

The catalogue is very easy to use. If you are looking for a specific book, just type in the author's surname and a word or two from the title (e.g. austen pride prejudice). If you are looking for a topic, just type in one or two key words (e.g. aphasia or recipes). Once you have done your search, click "Medway campus" to narrow the books down to just the ones in the Drill Hall Library.

SLT books

Books for Speech and Language Therapy will be in various different places in the library. Books are organised using the Dewey Decimal system, which runs chronologically from 001-999 around the library. The key number for SLT books is 616.855. Other useful numbers include :

  • Anatomy & Physiology - 611 and 612
  • Deafness - 617.8
  • Dysphagia - 616.31
  • Linguistics - 410 (including Phonology at 414)
  • Mental Health Care - 616.89
  • Psychology - 150 (including Child psychology at 155.4)
  • Sociolinguistics - 306.44
  • Stroke - 616.81

Some books on general health principles written with Speech and Language Therapists in mind include :

  • Atkinson and McHanwell (2002) Basic medical science for speech and language therapy students. London : Whurr - 612 ATK
  • Seikel, King and Drumright (2005) Anatomy and physiology for speech, language, and hearing, 2nd edition. Clifton Park, N.Y. : Thomson Delmar Learning - 612.78 SEI

There are also many reference books such as specialist dictionaries available in the Drill Hall Library.

Although all the books needed for the programme should be available in the Drill Hall Library, you may occasionally need to reserve resources from Avery Hill or Maritime Greenwich (University of Greenwich libraries) via the Library Catalogue or submit an inter-library loan request form for resources held at Canterbury Christ Church University. See the information about borrowing from other sites on the Drill Hall website for further details.

New books

New books arrive through most of the year. A rolling on-line list is kept of the newest arrivals :

You may also find some other lists useful, particularly :

Renewing books

Books borrowed from the Drill Hall Library should be renewed through the Drill Hall Library catalogue. See the video below for details if you're not sure.

DVDs and CDs

The library also has DVDs and music CDs available to borrow. CDs are near the music books in the Quiet Study Zone, and DVDs are in the Group Study Zone. There are various DVDs on topics such as anatomy, physiology and infection control which may be useful. Titles of particular interest to SLTs:

  • Spotting the Sick Child [DVD 616.075/SPO]
  • An introduction to Picture Exchange Communication System [DVD 371.94/INT]

Journals in the library

Journals, also known as periodicals or serials, are published regularly - weekly, monthly, or several times each year. They contain up-to-date information on specialised subject areas, and often include articles on the most recent research that has been carried out.

Most of our journals are electronic, but we do have some paper copies in the library. They can be found in the Group Study Zone, grouped loosely by subject. You will find the Health section most useful - particularly Speech and Language Therapy in Practice. You might also find some useful journals in the Education and Social Science sections.

On the book shelves, we have quite a number of issues of the journal Aphasiology (which we also now have available electronically). Look out for them under the number 616.8552 or have a look through the list of issues available in the library.

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