Online books and journals for Speech and Language Therapy


Journals, also known as periodicals or serials, are published regularly - weekly, monthly, or several times each year. They contain up-to-date information on specialised subject areas, and often include articles on the most recent research that has been carried out. We have access to them in print format, on the shelves in the Drill Hall (in block 13, grouped loosely by subject) and also in electronic versions. The electronic versions contain the same information, but can be accessed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Accessing online journals

Both the University of Greenwich and Canterbury Christ Church University have access to lots of relevant, useful electronic journals for Speech and Language Therapy. This includes specific SLT titles, plus others from relevant disciplines such as education, psychology, allied health, linguistics etc.

To access a list of journals which each University has access to, go to their version of LibrarySearch (don't forget to Sign in on the CCCU site!). This includes a link which goes to a searchable list of the journals you can access - on Greenwich, this link is A-Z eJournals and eBooks and on CCCU, the link is Find eJournal.

There are also some sites where you can access free journals :

  • Directory of Open-Access Journals - a collection of academic journals which are freely available on-line (relevant titles include Canadian Journal of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology and Journal of Speech and Language Pathology and Applied Behavior Analysis)
  • Free Medical Journals - a frequently updated guide to medical journals which are accessible freely online
  • International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology and certain other journals can be accessed through the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapy if you are a member.

Useful journals

Electronic journals for Speech and Language Therapy include :

Journal CCCU Holdings Greenwich holdings
American Journal of Speech Language Pathology 2001-date 2001-date [CINAHL]
Aphasiology 1997-date 1997-date [Taylor and Francis]
Augmentative and Alternative Communication 2001-18 months ago 2001-18 months ago [CINAHL]
Brain and Language 1974-date 1993-date [ScienceDirect]
British Journal of Learning Disabilities 1973-date 1997-1 year ago [EBSCO]
Child Language Teaching and Therapy 1997-date 1999-date [Sage]
Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics 1999-18 months ago 1999-18 months ago [CINAHL]
Clinical Rehabilitation 1997-date 1998-date [EBSCO]
Communication Disorders Quarterly 1999-date 1999-date [Sage]
Deafness and Education International 2004-1 year ago 2004-1 year ago [CINAHL]
Disability and Rehabilitation 1997-date 1998-18 months ago [CINAHL]
Evidence Based Communication Assessment and Intervention 2007-date 2007-date [Taylor and Francis]
First Language 1999-date 1999-date [Sage]
Head and Neck 1996-date -
International Journal of Applied Linguistics 1997-date -
International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders 1997-date 1998-1 year ago [CINAHL]
International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology - 2004-18 months ago [CINAHL]
Journal of Child Language 1974-1996 1974-1996 [Cambridge Journals]
Journal of Communication Disorders 1967-date 1995-date [ScienceDirect]
Journal of Fluency Disorders 1974-date 1997-date [ScienceDirect]
Journal of Interprofessional Care 1986-date 1999-18 months ago [EBSCO]
Journal of Neurolinguistics 1985-date 1995-date [ScienceDirect]
Journal of Phonetics 1995-date 1995-date [ScienceDirect]
Journal of Speech, Language and Hearing Research 1997-date 1997-date [CINAHL]
Journal of Voice 1995-date 1995-date [ScienceDirect]
Language, Speech and Hearing Services in Schools 1995-date 1993-date
Neuropsychological Rehabilitation 1996-date 1996-date
Speech and Language Therapy in Practice - 2008-2011 [CINAHL]
Topics in Language Disorders 2001-date -

You also have access through the 2 universities to many other journals on related disciplines such as allied health, education, health and social care, linguistics, mental health, psychology and social work.


At the moment, the most efficient way to find journal articles on a topic is to use LibrarySearch. Sign in and search for a topic, then click 'Full text online' in the left-hand column to ensure you see things we can access online (if the option doesn't appear, it normally means everything is available online). You'll then get a list of relevant articles, each with a "View online" link. These will normally take you straight to the article of your choice, but (particularly on CCCU) you may need to click on a link including the word "Athens" - this forces the website to recognise that you are from CCCU.

If you are looking for a specific article (one that you have been told/advised to read, or one that just looks interesting, you can use LibrarySearch to track them down. See the videos below:

See the finding evidence page for ideas on how to do a more detailed search for journal articles.


e-books or electronic books are just like the books on the shelves, but accessible on-line using your university account. They have many advantages - lots of people can access the same "copy" at once, you don't need to come into the library to use them and it is impossible to bring them back late and get a fine!

E-books from the University of Greenwich

Almost all of the e-books for Speech and Language Therapy can be accessed through the Greenwich portal. Go to the Library & Computing tab in the portal, and select 'Databases, journals and e-books', which brings up an alphabetical list of services. The key one for SLT e-books is MyiLibrary, though you may also find some books of interest on the Dawsonera service. We buy as many of the recommended texts for the course as MyiLibrary e-books as we can.

E-books from CCCU

CCCU e-books are found on LibrarySearch, and include a lot of useful books on professions allied to SLT, particularly education. Sign in to LibrarySearch, search for a topic and then select 'Books' and 'Full Text Online' from the left-hand menu. Not all topics will have relevant e-books, but it's worth having a look.

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