Journals & E-Journals

Print Journals

Use the library catalogue to search for printed journals held in the Drill Hall, these are shelved in the journals section and are arranged on the shelves by subject. Printed journals in the Drill Hall include:

  • Adoption and Fostering
  • Aging and Mental Health (+ Online)
  • Attachment and Human Development (+ Online)
  • Benefits 2003-2010
  • British Journal of Social Work (only Online)
  • Child and Family Social Work (only Online, but some back issues available)
  • European Journal of Social Work (+ Online)
  • Family Relations
  • Groupwork (+ Online)
  • Health and Social Care in the Community (only Online, but some back issues available)
  • Journal of Adult Protection (+ Online)
  • Journal of Family Theory and Review
  • Journal of Integrated Care (+ Online)
  • Journal of Marriage and Family
  • Journal of Social Work (+ Online)
  • Journal of Social Work Practice (+ Online)
  • Practice (+ Online)
  • Professional Social Work
  • Qualitative Social Work (+ Online)
  • Quality in Ageing and Older Adults (+ Online)

Electronic Journals

To locate an individual e-journal use the search box located at Online journals and follow the instructions. You will need your University of Kent username and password to access these journals from the Drill Hall Library or home.

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