Books for Sport and Exercise Sciences

Books are one of the most important sources of information, alongside journal articles. As a rule, books take longer to publish than other forms of information and therefore may not be quite as up to date as journal articles, but will often consider topics from a wider perspective. They are therefore excellent as introductions to subject areas, for background reading and for getting a full overview of a subject. For sports therapy, we have many useful books which contain photographs of procedures.

For an indication of which books are of use for your specific modules, please see your module Moodle site or the on-line Medway reading lists site, which shows you how many copies of each book are currently available and can also provide direct links to journal articles and other electronic sources of information.

Books in the library

The Drill Hall Library catalogue contains all the books currently held in the Drill Hall Library. When you have found the book you require, take a note of the number given as location/shelfmark (this number will be on the spine of the book) to help you pinpoint it on the shelves. These numbers are part of the Dewey Decimal system. If you find this confusing, please consult our pdf guide to finding books using the Dewey Decimal system. These are some of the numbers where you will find relevant books :

  • Anatomy and physiology - 611 and 612
  • Biomechanics - 612.76
  • Cardiology/cardiovascular fitness - 616.12
  • Exercise and fitness - 613.7
  • Massage therapy - 615.822
  • Nutrition - 613.2
  • Sociology of sport - 306.483
  • Sport - 796, including sport psychology at 796.01 and sports marketing and management at 796.06
  • Training - 613.711

New Books

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March 17

April 17

May 17

Although the books needed for programmes taught at Medway should be available in the Drill Hall Library, you may occasionally need to submit an inter-library loan request form for resources held at the University of Kent's Templeman Library in Canterbury. See the information on borrowing from other sites on the Drill Hall website for further details.

Electronic books

e-books or electronic books are just like the books on the shelves, but accessible on-line using your university account (accessible from home or placement as well as on campus). e-books are available via the University of Kent's LibrarySearch (not the Drill Hall Library catalogue). A wide range of relevant books is available.

Reading lists

Each module has an online reading list. Depending on the module, this can include books, journals, journal articles, websites or other material. For books, it can be used to find out how many copies are in the library, and it will provide direct links to websites and electronic journal articles. There may be a link to the reading list for your module from Moodle. If not you can access it directly at readlinglists@kent - Medway site - if you use this link, it is a good idea to Sign in (top right corner) to make sure that the links to articles etc work smoothly.


As well as books, the library has a number of useful DVDs on subjects such as anatomy, physiology and coaching. You can find these in the Group Study Zone.

Renewing books

Books borrowed from the Drill Hall Library should be renewed through the Drill Hall Library catalogue. See the video below for details if you're not sure.

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