Journals for Sport and Exercise Sciences

Journals, also known as periodicals or serials, are published regularly - weekly, monthly, or several times each year. They contain up-to-date information on specialised subject areas, and often include articles on the most recent research that has been carried out. The further you progress through your studies, the more important journal articles will be - good use of research literature from journals will normally mean that you produce better quality work.

We have access to journals in print format on the shelves in the Drill Hall (in block 13 in the Group Study Zone, grouped loosely by subject, so see Sport) and also in electronic versions. The electronic versions contain the same information, but can be accessed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Most of the journals for the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences are electronic, but a couple of them are not yet available on-line, namely Massage World and Muscle & Nerve.

There are also other journals on the shelves which are also available electronically (e.g. British Journal of Sports Medicine, where electronic access comes free with our purchase of the paper copy).

Electronic journals

Most of the journals for the School are accessed electronically. The easiest way to get to them is to use the University of Kent journals search page and type in the title of the journal you are looking for. If you don't know the names of any relevant journals, you can try the lists of journals accessed through the Journal title search - subject list. For example, under Health Sciences, there are links to Anatomy, Physiology and Sports Medicine lists. To access a journal, click on the hyperlinks which give the name of the websites where the journals are stored (such as Human Kinetics, Sage, Science Direct or Taylor & Francis). You will need your University of Kent computing user name and password to access them.

SportEX journals - SportEX Dynamics and SportEX Medicine - are available in the library and also online. Their site requires a login, which you can request from the School.

To search for journal articles on a topic, rather than access a specific journal, you will need to use LibrarySearch or a database. See the databases page.

Free on-line journals

Some publishers make certain journals available on-line at no cost. Many of these are good quality peer-reviewed journals and are very much worth investigating. Some examples include :

  • Biomed Central - publisher of over 240 peer-reviewed Open Access journals in medicine and related disciplines, including useful titles such as BMC Sports Science, Medicine and Rehabilitation, International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity and Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition
  • Electronic journal collections - a list maintained by the British Library, detailing free online journals
  • Highwire at Stanford University - a useful way to search lots of freely-accessible journals including titles in the field of sports medicine [N.B. - not everything found via this site is free, but it does clearly mark which ones are free and which ones require payment]
  • Journal of Sports Medicine and Doping Studies - a peer-reviewed journal which includes Dr. James Hopker from the School as one of its executive editors

Accessing specific articles

You can use LibrarySearch to search for articles on a topic, and also to search for specific articles (for example, if you come across a reference to an article which looks interesting). See the video below for how to look up specific articles on LibrarySearch:

Journals and journal articles on reading lists

Each module has an online reading list. Depending on the module, this can include books, journals, journal articles, websites or other material. For books, it can be used to find out how many copies are in the library, and it will provide direct links to websites and electronic journal articles. The reading lists can be accessed via your Moodle modules (a link is in the left-hand column of each module) or directly at readlinglists@kent - Medway site - if you use this link, it is a good idea to Sign in (top right corner) to make sure that the links to articles etc work smoothly.

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